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Friday, November 14, 2008

Salam Perkenalan dari FathiMZ

Before I am starting my own post (before this I just copy and paste) I would like appreciate all my friends from occupant 59 jalan Kristal that many encouraged me to start write something in blog especially Bro Busu…he has many advised me to write in blog…he told me that writing blog when you have the leisure time and advised me to write about the daily experience, daily life and story about something what you like, expertise, and attractive ideals. As we know that everyone has different their ways, experience, expertise and so on compared others. But he said that do not ever to write about the politic, race sentiments , incorrect spreading news…because the bloggers have bounded in “ hasutan act” .One of the act that used by the government for supervising the publication material, incorrect spreading news ,blogger ,speech and others

First, I want to introduce myself in term of our friend call me fathi . I m 23 years old. My Home town at pasir mas kelantan . And in the district dialect has sound pati hei, maybe…my villager difficult to mention in the standard Malay language. I m started for my primary school at the rural school in pasir mas kelantan…named S K kedai Tanjung. There have many memories for me stays study at here for six years. I m very desire to meet you all my friend .Additionally, I do not meet some of you until now .Furthermore, I was future my study at SMU (A) Pasir Mas for six year. There, I have many learned about my life, Islamic religious and Arabic language. My school is an unique because their subject is combined three element of education (academic + religious+ Arabic). There have many examinations for every year such as PMRU, PMR, SMU, SPM, STAM, STPM .These examination was conducted under KPM and YIK.Some of the syllabus is from the Al Azhar. Actually I have opportunities to get examination until STAM only.

Furthermore , I continued my study at higher education at Universiti Teknologi Mara Pulau pinang started from December 2004 until December 2007 for diploma in Mechanical Engineering .There , I have learned many of the different things and new exposure for me. there have the different styles ,fashion, daily life, subjects…and teaching method. After three years at here, I was future my study to pursue my first degree at Uitm Shah Alam started from December 2007 until December 2010 (insyaallah).

Finally ,I hope your all can guide and suppose me for any article ,ideal and post or whatever if I have any mistake in my writing or post. please comment at my page… As a human we are not far from any mistake .As a new at here ,surely have many mistakes and need to be improve all aspect of writing ,post and others…….

All the comments ,critics ,suppose and support regarding from this blog from you all I very appreciate…gratitude and thankfulness.

Thank you very much


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heretic preacher said...

tok amereka la saing nge set sejid hehehehe